Better Running

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Better Swimming

Consistent Runner

“run with perseverance the race marked out for us” (Hebrews 12:1)

How to become a better swimmer

  • Perhaps improve your IronMan Time?

  • Or you want to swim effortlessly

  • or maybe finally want to master swimming 2 lanes.

How to become a better runner?

  • How to build running endurance,

  • how to become a runner that improves, how to increase stamina for running?

  • well for starters, listen to our podcast.

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heiko stribl running for charity 506 kilometer

You train runners and swimmers, perhaps focus on triathletes? You want them to reach their full potential not only in training but in the actual race environment?

Obviously, you and your athlete have invested hours, made, changed, adapted training plans and now it's time to get those results.

Quite often athletes use some form of meditation or relaxation technique to prepare for the race. However, often this is not enough as visualisation and goal setting is a skill that needs to be learnt. Only then once the athlete has the skill to focus, can he access his inner potential.


Reorganising of Emotional Systems into Effective Transformation.…by Heiko Stribl

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When do you want to start reaching your potential? Why wait, contact us, let's talk.

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